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Microsoft Office 365 – Rethinking this subscription thing.

During my planning stages of what new things I might review and use, it occurred to me that I needed to get to the current version of Office, looking back at my prior purchases, I decided to jump into the … Continue reading

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Windows Surface Pro 2 – New Beginnings

Yes I have broken down and bought a new Surface Pro 2, for my birthday present. While unboxing the unit, I couldn’t help thinking, hmm Microsoft taking some hints from Apple. It professionally packed, with sleek taping and wrapping. It … Continue reading

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Woodard’s Computing Spring Cleaning Early

Well enough of this cold weather already, I have started cleaning out some things and many of my customers are going to benefit from it. As many who have received things from me in the past, you would know that … Continue reading

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As the saying goes – You always mean well!

Start of a new year, and I did not fulfill, my goals as it relates to this blog. I am always thinking of things to put down on paper related to technology, and never for what ever reason get it … Continue reading

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