Windows Surface Pro 2 – New Beginnings

Yes I have broken down and bought a new Surface Pro 2, for my birthday present.
While unboxing the unit, I couldn’t help thinking, hmm Microsoft taking some hints from Apple. It professionally packed, with sleek taping and wrapping. It was heavier than I had thought it would be, several pounds more than an IPAD Mini, that I own. I turned on and it went thru the setup process asking questions and moving along. I will continue to post on this link talking about what my thoughts are for the product and how it could / might help in making your portable.

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2 Responses to Windows Surface Pro 2 – New Beginnings

  1. Well the first couple of weeks of using the Surface Pro 2 was a challenge, it appears although there are some programs that run in the Metro (Windows 8) mode, most of the programs that I need to be able to use run in the Desktop mode (Windows 7) mode. Although this is not a deal breaker, I certainly would have thought that Microsoft Office would have run in Metro, low and behold it does not. I have finished my first week using just the Surface Pro 2 all day, the Battery seems to be in good shape and lasting as long as I need it too, I am able to get in all the programs during the day without much issues. Have to take a Granddaughter break. Back in a few.

  2. Took care of granddaughter, back to commenting on Windows Surface Pro 2 Tablet I have used for nearly 2 weeks straight, the irritation is still here with having to switch constantly between Metro and Desktop modes, but dealing with it and moving on. Couple of things that have cropped up, if I look at this computer as a Microsoft product then the random “slowness or lockup” of the computer is typical of Microsoft anything, however many things can contribute to the “hesitation” that occurs here and there. It could be search for “the mother ship” out there somewhere due to it’s apparent need to surf the internet on it’s own.
    I just noticed that I haven’t commented on the cost of this unit. Everyone must put there own value on “portability” “quick boot” – I put a high price on those two things so $1000 is about what I would expect. Keeping in mind this is not a “Nook”, or for that matter an “IPAD”, I don’t think that you can fairly compare them. They are for very dis-similar markets, I will have to say since I have started to really use the Surface Pro, I have not picked up my IPAD Mini, other than maybe a movie. So I can really say that I am giving this Surface Pro 2 a good test drive. I will also stress the need to make sure that you turn off all non-essential programs and devices while using the Surface Pro. Like any tablet, the goal is to try and get a full working day out of using it, which I have accomplished several times. I did purchase the docking station for the unit, that has worked out great, I dock it every evening when I get home so it can get a full charge over night, and be ready for a full days work. the keyboard that I purchased for it, works great, I purchased the keyboard with the lit keys, recommend this highly, it has come in handy several times.
    I am currently debating if I should purchase another USB cellular card so that I don’t have to Hot Spot my phone, although convenient, not so much useful, when calls come in or other things distract it.

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