AR Drone Parrot – Let the Games Begin!

Tech’s spend a lot of time in front of a computer, duh… Well we do like to try out other things, recently after monitoring for awhile, I ordered a Drone. They are priced from as little as $100 exceeding $7000. Well I don’t have $7000 just sitting around, I did have $300 that could be used for this activity. I found from several reviews for entry level use, the AR Drone Parrot is a good choice. I got mine in and took out of the box it came in, very impressive, plugged the battery in, put on the INDOOR use Cover, and loaded the APP on my IPAD Mini, and clicked on Fly. Wow, the Drone simply moved vertically about 4 feet and then simply stayed at that height. This in itself was an achievement for me, since the Helicopter I had took me less than 5 seconds to crash. If you want to start out with using a Drone, I would suggest this one, it is in fact a great beginners craft.
You will have fun with it, I would suggest buy 1 to 2 extra batteries, oh and I forgot to mention that is comes with a Camera that streams to your IPAD.

Happy Droning……

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