Lenovo Carbon X1 – What a great Laptop!

My Lenovo Carbon X1 has been such a great ultra light Laptop, this machine has provided me with great computing, a few months ago I thought that I had just lost this great laptop.
After working on a clients computer, I needed to take it back to my office for further work, I had it under one arm and my laptop in my other hand. Set my laptop on my front grill. Went to put the clients computer in back of my trunk, got a phone call, (forgot about my laptop) got in my car and proceeded to the next service call. Moments after leaving I noticed what looked like a laptop taking flight over my vehicle, and then in my rear view mirror, I notice what looked to be my Laptop coming out of the sky, onto the road.
My thoughts were oh no will the insurance cover the laptop? How damaged is it?
I turned around and got up to the Laptop laying on the ground, to my amazement this Laptop was still working, no broken screen, nothing wrong except for a small chipped corner. I am still using the same Laptop that has had no issues.

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