Lenovo X1 – Follow-up After using for more than 9 months.

The Lenovo laptop continues to be an important asset to my day to day workload. It is light to carry around. I am currently running Windows 8.0 on it with Stardock installed to give the original menus back.

Would I buy this laptop again, absolutely it has proven that it is durable, easy to carry around, fast, and very functional.

The screen size is perfect for working on projects, it is not to small and not too big, The battery life if very good on it. I do not like that the battery is built in, there are a few other model Thinkpad models that have better battery life, this one does the job by staying function throughout the day.

The Solid State drive has made the laptop screaming fast, boots up quick, and downloading and installing software is a breeze.

I can’t recommend this laptop enough.


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