Ninite Download Utility

The Ninite website is a good reliable way of updating some of the Utility programs you might use, when you go to their website – you are presented with a list of programs that you put a check mark on to download.

After marking all of the programs you would like to install, you then click on DOWNLOAD INSTALLER, it is now important to SAVE AS the option for downloading, and SAVE this download to your desktop. This will insure that you use the same installer each time.

The programs that you checked for download are compiled by Ninite so that you end up with a ONE click install. I like that other thing the installer does, it will not download extra programs as tag a longs. This insures that you are only getting the program you have selected, nothing more.

After you run the NINITE installer for the first time, every time you run it after that only updates what needs to be updated.

This program has worked very well in my update process. I highly recommend this utility.

regards Richard

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