Windows 10 – Should You Install It

Yes Virginia, there will not be a Windows 9. Microsoft has released version 10 of their flagship operating system. Several months ago Microsoft started a marketing campaign promoting the arrival, several users started to see a NEW icon show up on the bottom right of the Windows screen. This was an invitation to RESERVE a copy of Windows 10.

I think someone at Microsoft had finally listened to the user base, since after removing the familiar START screen, it is back on Windows 10. For the users who just finally got familiar with the Windows 8 Icons, don’t fret, Windows 10 still has those icons too. Microsoft has blended some of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together, to make it look similar but different.

As I have to be somewhat familiar with the Windows 10 to help user decide what to do, I installed Windows 10 Professional on an All In One computer with touch screen. The installation of Windows 10 from a fresh install, I was very impressed with the installation, it took less than 30 minutes to finish, I was prompted to setup a Microsoft Account, which I declined at this time and just selected a local account.

The desktop windows 10 screen has a modern background picture, very professional looking. The Start options are all back, with a little different layout, but to me it looks so much more professional.

Another addition to Windows 10 for desktop/laptop is Cortano, your virtual assistant, I have to say Cortano can teach Siri some things. I was able to hold the MIC on and speak a sentence to Cortano and was presented information based upon what I asked. Very impressive.

Would I recommend an upgrade to Windows 10, it really depends on your situation, I upgraded to insure that I know what I am talking about and not relying on someone else.

You should always do a data backup before considering any installations of software.

Richard Woodard

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