Why is my computer slow!

One of the questions I get all the time. Many things can affect the speed of your computer. Some questions come to mind when encountering a slow computer. Gather up some answers to these questions.

1 – What is the age of your computer?
2 – What program are you using that seems to be slow?
3 – Is this program on the Internet?
4 – Is this program running as a local program?

The age of your computer is important, the older your computer the more chance that the hard drive in your computer could be contributing to the slowness. As your computer gets older the hard drive can slow down, and you can see this when you are using programs. Replacement of the drive could improve the speed and give a boost to your computer.

Yes programs can slow your computer down, I see a lot of slowness on a computer created by many of the Antivirus Suite. So this would be an easy thing to fix.

If the program runs on the Internet, your slowness could be either the website for this program or it could be your Internet Service Provider. A couple calls to your Internet Provider, asking what is the Internet Speed you are paying for, and then you can test the speed by going to http://www.speedtest.net

If the program that you are running into slowness with is one that is local like Word, Excel, check first to see if there is an update, you also could be encountering some spyware, a good scan of your computer could be helpful also.

Happy Computing.

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