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The trouble with tribbles or Outlook in this case

A fair amount of my clients use Microsoft Outlook, and sometime¬†when using it you might¬†run into issues. There is a utility that Microsoft provides called SCANOST.EXE or SCANPST.EXE SCANOST would be used to repair a local exchange copy of what … Continue reading

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Weekly Computer Maintanence

Everyone asks, what should I be doing with my computer to help protect, and help insure a good experience? 1 – running a backup of your important information is at the top of my list, you should do a backup … Continue reading

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Internet Speed – Am I getting what I pay for?

Internet Speed Lets first set some simple terms. Think of Internet speed as miles per hour. Starting with this simple concept of speed, you can figure out what your Internet speed is by looking at a few things. Find the … Continue reading

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Apple – IOS6

Should you upgrade to IOS6 from an earlier version? As with most updates, I tend to wait to give others the opportunity to find any “new” bugs. Well with IO6 that was a good decision, shortly after the release there … Continue reading

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