Lenovo Carbon X1 – What a great Laptop!

My Lenovo Carbon X1 has been such a great ultra light Laptop, this machine has provided me with great computing, a few months ago I thought that I had just lost this great laptop.
After working on a clients computer, I needed to take it back to my office for further work, I had it under one arm and my laptop in my other hand. Set my laptop on my front grill. Went to put the clients computer in back of my trunk, got a phone call, (forgot about my laptop) got in my car and proceeded to the next service call. Moments after leaving I noticed what looked like a laptop taking flight over my vehicle, and then in my rear view mirror, I notice what looked to be my Laptop coming out of the sky, onto the road.
My thoughts were oh no will the insurance cover the laptop? How damaged is it?
I turned around and got up to the Laptop laying on the ground, to my amazement this Laptop was still working, no broken screen, nothing wrong except for a small chipped corner. I am still using the same Laptop that has had no issues.

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How Portable Are You In Computing

I have accomplished something that I have been working for a while.

My customer information that I use is totally internet based with encryption to protect it, and is available to me on all of my devices from my phone to my desktop. My accounting and billing system is also available to me anywhere that I may be.
My Calendar and email is also available to me on all my devices, when I remove email from one or add a Calendar event it syncs across all of my devices.
What do I use to accomplish all of this?
1 – Quickbooks Online for both personal and business use.
2 – mSecure for storing protected information.
3 – Dropbox for backup and data storage.
4 – Exchange Email – for Calendaring and Emailing.

We can get you setup with the portability that you might want to do too. Give us a call.

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AR Drone Parrot – Let the Games Begin!

Tech’s spend a lot of time in front of a computer, duh… Well we do like to try out other things, recently after monitoring for awhile, I ordered a Drone. They are priced from as little as $100 exceeding $7000. Well I don’t have $7000 just sitting around, I did have $300 that could be used for this activity. I found from several reviews for entry level use, the AR Drone Parrot is a good choice. I got mine in and took out of the box it came in, very impressive, plugged the battery in, put on the INDOOR use Cover, and loaded the APP on my IPAD Mini, and clicked on Fly. Wow, the Drone simply moved vertically about 4 feet and then simply stayed at that height. This in itself was an achievement for me, since the Helicopter I had took me less than 5 seconds to crash. If you want to start out with using a Drone, I would suggest this one, it is in fact a great beginners craft.
You will have fun with it, I would suggest buy 1 to 2 extra batteries, oh and I forgot to mention that is comes with a Camera that streams to your IPAD.

Happy Droning……

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Lenovo Carbon X1 Ultra Portable – I like it!!!!

Yes I was using the Microsoft Surface Pro, it is a fine tablet, I however had been waiting for the Lenovo Model to come out, I had been looking for a Laptop that was light, good size monitor, and good battery life. Well this Laptop fits all those requirements.
The battery life is very good, the screen size if perfect, and it is such a light weight laptop. The weight of it reminds me of the Apple Air. Like the IPAD this Laptop starts up nearly instantly.
I highly recommend this Lenovo product.

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To Click or Not To Click

Well everything you do on a computer requires you to type or use your mouse and click what you want to do. You really need to be very careful when you are clicking, there are new emails being sent out that might make you think that you have a product ready for delivery, or perhaps your Bank has to reset your password, and wants you do click to change the password, well this particular email is really a “Ransom Virus”. Although the program is not a traditional virus in that the program is a legit program. This program starts to Encrypt your data files on the local computer, and if there are other computers it can start encrypting them also. If you should happen to get this on your computer, first thing to do is to disconnect your computer from your router. Then the long drawn out work begins to try and see how to recover your data.

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Microsoft Office 365 – Rethinking this subscription thing.

During my planning stages of what new things I might review and use, it occurred to me that I needed to get to the current version of Office, looking back at my prior purchases, I decided to jump into the Microsoft Subscription Service and see exactly how that works.
They appear to have several options, low end option is “cloud based” subscription, basically if no internet then no software. The other is a Small Home Business offering for $150 per year which includes the professional version of all of there programs, including a “FULL INSTALL” version. I went with the Small Business version and never looked back. I have installed it on my Office computer at home, my Ipad (Cloud Version) and my new Microsoft Surface 2 Pro. Installation went very quick and was up in about 5 minutes. Going to check out the new version, and will post additional information as I get into the new version.

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Windows Surface Pro 2 – New Beginnings

Yes I have broken down and bought a new Surface Pro 2, for my birthday present.
While unboxing the unit, I couldn’t help thinking, hmm Microsoft taking some hints from Apple. It professionally packed, with sleek taping and wrapping. It was heavier than I had thought it would be, several pounds more than an IPAD Mini, that I own. I turned on and it went thru the setup process asking questions and moving along. I will continue to post on this link talking about what my thoughts are for the product and how it could / might help in making your portable.

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