Windows 8 Update Coming Soon

Well Microsoft has finally caved in and agreed to provide the original “user” liked START button and some other items that were complained about. Although it will bring back some of the features for users, you will still get a better experience with the Start8 program from StarDock. I mentioned this earlier in a post, this program changes a lot about Windows 8 to allow the user to use the computer with more familiar options. So you can either wait for Microsoft to catch up, or you can install the START8 App for Windows 8 and get there now.

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An App to store your passwords.

I use a program called mSecure – this program is very easy to use, and allows the end user to store all important information in one place. The user only needs to remember one password. You can install this program on your laptop, tablet, phone and they will all sync the information.

The website to buy and download the program is,

This program is well worth the purchase.

Have a great day.

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Windows 8 – How to make it look like Windows 7

We have had a lot of calls about users getting the new Windows 8 operating system on their new computers. A software company has come out with an app that you install on your Windows 8 machine that will make the computer boot up in the Windows 7 desktop layout. The company is the program is START8.

It will install very easy and once you restart your computer you will see the familiar Desktop that looks like Windows 7.

have a great day with Windows 8

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Windows 8 – Operating System Before It’s Time

We have continued to have to deal with calls about customers whom purchased Windows 8 computers, and find out that they have to purchase additional hardware due to incompatibility, and software that will not work. Many of the customers are not being properly informed of how much different Windows 8 is from prior versions of the Microsoft Operating System. Most whom have recently purchased Office 2010 only to find they will need to purchase the Windows 8 version or will need to run the 2010 version in Desktop Mode.

If you don’t already have a touch screen you had better be prepared to purchase one if you move to Windows 8.

Does this make Microsoft’s Windows 8 a bad operating system? No just one before it’s time. I think the Tablet, and Phone versions of Windows 8 have merit. On the desktop or standard Laptop – no so much.

As always Buyer Beware, and remember that you can get Windows 7 Professional – you just can’t purchase that at Best Buy, Office Max, Staples, they have to sell only Windows 8 Machines. If you need help to get a Windows 7 machine, we can help you with that.

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Windows 8 – The Verdict Continues to come in.

I’ve been using Windows 8 on my tablet for nearly 2 months now. I have found myself moving away from Metro Desktop to the regular Desktop, (looks like Windows 7).  The Windows 8 desktop appears to be of no use unless you have a touch screen, everyone that has purchased a new computer and had no choice (according to local retail vendors) are not happy with Windows 8 if they have a non-touch screen.

What customers do not realize is that they can in fact, still get Windows 7 machines just not from retail stores. If you are in the need of a new computer then you should by direct from HP, Lenovo, Dell – since online these vendors do offer the Windows 7 machines still. Microsoft would make a big mistake when they “forced” Windows 8 down to the desktop’s that have no touch screen ability. This will continue to alienate there customers to move to something else. If you are a business, my recommendation still continues to be stay with Windows 7 for now. More on this later.

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Iphone – IOS – Droid or now Windows 8 Phones

Well this Christmas season you will have several options related to phone puchases. Each of the phones today are sold with one of the above Operating Systems. Each have there pluses and minuses. Some like the Droid, some like the IOS Iphone, and with Microsoft coming out with the Windows 8 Phone, you will have a choice to make.

IPHONE – yes it is an Apple product, and many people like this phone, I find it to be very easy to move around the screens and your apps, I find it very reliable. The SIRI app still needs some help, no it does not work as smoothly as you see on TV, it’s better than prior version, they have a way to go to refine it so it would become a very useful tool.

Droid – I did have a Droid for a while, it was a good phone, everything seemed to work, for me it didn’t (for me) seem to be user friendly, as I see the IPHONE as being. There are alot of Apps for the Droid, and some concern I have about how they deliver APPS is a little more loosely than Apple does. Feature wise either phone would be a good choice.

Windows 8 – Well this one is the new kid on the block. It’s predecessor was the Windows 7 phone. Although market share was very low compared to the 2 phones mentioned above, there is a feeling that perhaps the Windows 8 phone might gain some ground. This phone does not have the “depth” of apps for it as of yet, it is growing daily. They would have a ways to go to catch up with the Iphone or Droid. When I am able to get my hands on this phone I will give you more information.

When getting a phone you want to determine what you or your family member is going to use it for, if it is email, internet browsing, and music here and there, then you don’t need a LARGE data plan. If however you are going to watch Movies, and Videos then be prepared to pay a little more since most plans no longer include an unlimited data plan. Look at AT&T and Verizon for the Data Share Plans, where you share the data usage across all devices.

Until I have more information have a great day.

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The trouble with tribbles or Outlook in this case

A fair amount of my clients use Microsoft Outlook, and sometime when using it you might run into issues. There is a utility that Microsoft provides called SCANOST.EXE or SCANPST.EXE

SCANOST would be used to repair a local exchange copy of what is on the exchange server. The SCANPST is used with Outlook data file for use with a POP email service.

These programs might be able to clear up a corrupted outlook file.


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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Family – Keep an eye out – Ill keep updating

Family Pictures – Many people are using the digital cameras to take pictures, since they usually take many more pictures. I see hundreds and thousands of pictures on many computers that are not getting backed up. I have looked for a program or solution that would make it easy to insure that people have there pictures backed up. We have a great solution for this in a two combination backup.

Picture Keeper and Dropbox

Think of it as an inbox for pictures and a archive for pictures. Both good solutions and both are easy.

A combination of Dropbox and Picture keeper can be setup to insure your pictures are fully protected. Just give us a call and we can get your setup.

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Bummer – New Phone and none of my other gadgets work with it!

Yes like many users, I have updated to the IPHONE 5, mainly because a family member was going to need a phone, and I was eligable for an update. I had the IPHONE 4S, I considered it a good phone for my needs.

Anyway, getting back to the Bummer part, Apple decided to change there power connection, and went with the smaller connection like all other vendors. NOT!!!!!!

So I have to either get new power adapters or purchase a adapter that converts back to the old style connector.

I have found, or appears that the battery in the new IPHONE is longer lasting, I have used it for 2 days and it appears to last on the one charge all day. Which is great. The screen is bigger, or should I say longer, it is not any wider than the 4S. It also appears faster, screen is crisp, I do have to say the ICLOUD backup is great, I didn’t have to go thru and download all my apps, I just connected to the computer that I had setup my other IPHONE on, and what seemed like 10 seconds, all my apps were on the new phone.

Would I recommend you go out and purchase one, no, wait for your upgrade, you will save money and you really are not missing anything. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, purchase away.

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Quickbooks Hosted Online – You should consider it.

In my business surprisingly I used Quicken for nearly 11 years, before I was forced off of it. I had purchased Quickbooks several times over the years and ended up not using it, most of the time I purchased it and then gave it to one of my not for profit clients. At the end of 2011 I had no more choices, I had outgrown Quicken and needed to do Quickbooks, after searching to see if any other alternative options, I ended up selecting the ONLINE version of Quickbooks, the program has been out for more than 3 years and certainly had matured enough it earned a review. I am paying just about the same amount each year as I was if I had to upgrade Quickbooks, I have grown to like this Online version very much. I don’t have to worry about updating it, since the online version gets updated regularly or backing it up, the online service keeps it backed up.

The group that supports the online version appear to be interested in any recommendations on changes to the program or enhancements, and they peridically add new features.

If you have a small business and you need a solid solution for your accounting software, I would recommend that you take a look at Quickbooks Online.

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