Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt – Let’s Disable it!!!!

This link will allow you to download a program that will make some registry changes to disable, until you are ready.

Read all information before making any changes.

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Why is my computer slow!

One of the questions I get all the time. Many things can affect the speed of your computer. Some questions come to mind when encountering a slow computer. Gather up some answers to these questions.

1 – What is the age of your computer?
2 – What program are you using that seems to be slow?
3 – Is this program on the Internet?
4 – Is this program running as a local program?

The age of your computer is important, the older your computer the more chance that the hard drive in your computer could be contributing to the slowness. As your computer gets older the hard drive can slow down, and you can see this when you are using programs. Replacement of the drive could improve the speed and give a boost to your computer.

Yes programs can slow your computer down, I see a lot of slowness on a computer created by many of the Antivirus Suite. So this would be an easy thing to fix.

If the program runs on the Internet, your slowness could be either the website for this program or it could be your Internet Service Provider. A couple calls to your Internet Provider, asking what is the Internet Speed you are paying for, and then you can test the speed by going to

If the program that you are running into slowness with is one that is local like Word, Excel, check first to see if there is an update, you also could be encountering some spyware, a good scan of your computer could be helpful also.

Happy Computing.

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Windows 10 – Forgotten Programs

Windows 10 has proven its worth over Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Runs as fast as these prior versions, and provides some of the new and old menu options you are familiar with.
If you plan to run a DVD movie on Windows 10, you better plan on downloading VLC DVD Player, the powers to be at Microsoft decided that a DVD player as part of the Operating System anymore.
I am still wondering around the inner workings of Windows 10, and will comment on more notes, and things you should know as I move forward.
Happy Computing.

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Looking For A Wireless Printer

If you are considering a wireless printer for your home you need to make sure that you were looking for a wireless printer that has its configuration for networking on the LCD screen and does not require you to use your computer and a USB connection.

Lower end models of printers that do not have that will require the use of USB to set them up and then you have to switched it to Wireless which is a royal pain.

Happy Printing.

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Windows 10 – Should You Install It

Yes Virginia, there will not be a Windows 9. Microsoft has released version 10 of their flagship operating system. Several months ago Microsoft started a marketing campaign promoting the arrival, several users started to see a NEW icon show up on the bottom right of the Windows screen. This was an invitation to RESERVE a copy of Windows 10.

I think someone at Microsoft had finally listened to the user base, since after removing the familiar START screen, it is back on Windows 10. For the users who just finally got familiar with the Windows 8 Icons, don’t fret, Windows 10 still has those icons too. Microsoft has blended some of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together, to make it look similar but different.

As I have to be somewhat familiar with the Windows 10 to help user decide what to do, I installed Windows 10 Professional on an All In One computer with touch screen. The installation of Windows 10 from a fresh install, I was very impressed with the installation, it took less than 30 minutes to finish, I was prompted to setup a Microsoft Account, which I declined at this time and just selected a local account.

The desktop windows 10 screen has a modern background picture, very professional looking. The Start options are all back, with a little different layout, but to me it looks so much more professional.

Another addition to Windows 10 for desktop/laptop is Cortano, your virtual assistant, I have to say Cortano can teach Siri some things. I was able to hold the MIC on and speak a sentence to Cortano and was presented information based upon what I asked. Very impressive.

Would I recommend an upgrade to Windows 10, it really depends on your situation, I upgraded to insure that I know what I am talking about and not relying on someone else.

You should always do a data backup before considering any installations of software.

Richard Woodard

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Ninite Download Utility

The Ninite website is a good reliable way of updating some of the Utility programs you might use, when you go to their website – you are presented with a list of programs that you put a check mark on to download.

After marking all of the programs you would like to install, you then click on DOWNLOAD INSTALLER, it is now important to SAVE AS the option for downloading, and SAVE this download to your desktop. This will insure that you use the same installer each time.

The programs that you checked for download are compiled by Ninite so that you end up with a ONE click install. I like that other thing the installer does, it will not download extra programs as tag a longs. This insures that you are only getting the program you have selected, nothing more.

After you run the NINITE installer for the first time, every time you run it after that only updates what needs to be updated.

This program has worked very well in my update process. I highly recommend this utility.

regards Richard

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Lenovo X1 – Follow-up After using for more than 9 months.

The Lenovo laptop continues to be an important asset to my day to day workload. It is light to carry around. I am currently running Windows 8.0 on it with Stardock installed to give the original menus back.

Would I buy this laptop again, absolutely it has proven that it is durable, easy to carry around, fast, and very functional.

The screen size is perfect for working on projects, it is not to small and not too big, The battery life if very good on it. I do not like that the battery is built in, there are a few other model Thinkpad models that have better battery life, this one does the job by staying function throughout the day.

The Solid State drive has made the laptop screaming fast, boots up quick, and downloading and installing software is a breeze.

I can’t recommend this laptop enough.


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Lenovo Carbon X1 – What a great Laptop!

My Lenovo Carbon X1 has been such a great ultra light Laptop, this machine has provided me with great computing, a few months ago I thought that I had just lost this great laptop.
After working on a clients computer, I needed to take it back to my office for further work, I had it under one arm and my laptop in my other hand. Set my laptop on my front grill. Went to put the clients computer in back of my trunk, got a phone call, (forgot about my laptop) got in my car and proceeded to the next service call. Moments after leaving I noticed what looked like a laptop taking flight over my vehicle, and then in my rear view mirror, I notice what looked to be my Laptop coming out of the sky, onto the road.
My thoughts were oh no will the insurance cover the laptop? How damaged is it?
I turned around and got up to the Laptop laying on the ground, to my amazement this Laptop was still working, no broken screen, nothing wrong except for a small chipped corner. I am still using the same Laptop that has had no issues.

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How Portable Are You In Computing

I have accomplished something that I have been working for a while.

My customer information that I use is totally internet based with encryption to protect it, and is available to me on all of my devices from my phone to my desktop. My accounting and billing system is also available to me anywhere that I may be.
My Calendar and email is also available to me on all my devices, when I remove email from one or add a Calendar event it syncs across all of my devices.
What do I use to accomplish all of this?
1 – Quickbooks Online for both personal and business use.
2 – mSecure for storing protected information.
3 – Dropbox for backup and data storage.
4 – Exchange Email – for Calendaring and Emailing.

We can get you setup with the portability that you might want to do too. Give us a call.

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AR Drone Parrot – Let the Games Begin!

Tech’s spend a lot of time in front of a computer, duh… Well we do like to try out other things, recently after monitoring for awhile, I ordered a Drone. They are priced from as little as $100 exceeding $7000. Well I don’t have $7000 just sitting around, I did have $300 that could be used for this activity. I found from several reviews for entry level use, the AR Drone Parrot is a good choice. I got mine in and took out of the box it came in, very impressive, plugged the battery in, put on the INDOOR use Cover, and loaded the APP on my IPAD Mini, and clicked on Fly. Wow, the Drone simply moved vertically about 4 feet and then simply stayed at that height. This in itself was an achievement for me, since the Helicopter I had took me less than 5 seconds to crash. If you want to start out with using a Drone, I would suggest this one, it is in fact a great beginners craft.
You will have fun with it, I would suggest buy 1 to 2 extra batteries, oh and I forgot to mention that is comes with a Camera that streams to your IPAD.

Happy Droning……

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